Road transport

National and International freight transport

Grupo Monllor, a national and international transport company, has a fleet of all kinds, including rigid trucks, crane trucks, tractor units, tauliner and semi-tauliner semi-trailers, among which we have equipment with ADR, cartola semi-trailers equipped with forklift trucks and, finally, tanks for the transport of powder.

Our varied fleet, together with the possibility of subcontracting with external means, allows us to provide transport services in areas as varied as container transport, conventional transport and tanker transport.

Our Solutions
Dangerous Goods
We have extensive experience and a fleet of trucks perfectly adapted as dangerous goods carriers (ADR).
Sanitary waste
We are registered in the Register of Non-Hazardous Waste Transporters of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Territori and Environment.
Safe storage
We have several warehouses with 24 hour security. This gives us greater efficiency and effectiveness that our clients require.
Types of Transport

We are dedicated to the transport of containers between the Port of Valencia and the places of loading or unloading that our clients require and we have container platforms of all kinds to satisfy any need.

We are also registered in the Register of Non-Hazardous Waste Transporters of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Territories and Environment of the Generalitat Valenciana and we have extensive experience as transporters of dangerous goods (ADR) as well as a fleet and a team of perfectly qualified professionals. adapted to this type of transport.

Both our extensive experience in the sector, as well as being part of the Association of Logistics and Container Transport Companies of Valencia (E.L.T.C.), support us in this sector.

We carry out conventional transport services throughout the national territory both groupage and full loads in vehicles of all kinds: trailers with canvas or closed box, rigid and truck-cranes. In this way we adapt to any need of our clients, providing the specific service they need.

We have a fleet and a team of professionals perfectly adapted to this type of transport.

In addition, we belong to the Wtransnet cargo and transport exchange, which gives us even greater capacity and possibilities to get vehicles in any area of Spain and for any desired destination.

We have a fleet of 15 vascular cisterns equipped with a turning system and motor compressor ready to unload all powdery material in bulk, unloading into a hopper or silo, according to customer requirements.

We have our own truck wash center, which guarantees cleanliness both outside as inside cisterns.

We comply with all regulations in relation to the transport and storage of dangerous goods such as ADR transport.

At Grupo Monllor we are part of the hazardous (health) and non-hazardous waste management chain, participating as specialized and approved transport managers, collecting and depositing waste in special warehouses set up for treatment and destruction.

Our contribution in this type of transport consists of scrupulous compliance with the regulations, as authorized managers for the transport of this very specific type of waste. Our operations for loading and unloading transport vehicles must be carried out in optimal conditions of safety, cleanliness and agility, always with the necessary means to protect occupational health. Vehicles equipped with the specific characteristics approved by the Valencian Community Environment Department.

There are no impossibilities for Grupo Monllor. Consult us for any transport that, due to its volume or dimensions, exceeds the measurements of a conventional truck and that requires vehicles and special authorizations for its transport.