Valencia Warehouses

Grupo Monllor facilities have more than 14.000 square meters that we have at our disposal for warehousing, handling and storage of customer merchandise.

Our main warehouse, located in Paterna, has 9.600 m 2 divided into 2 independent and interconnected areas, with a height of 8 m at its lowest point and 12 m at its highest point, shelves for 1.000 euro pallets, 14 docks of loading / unloading for large tonnage trucks and containers and 8 loading / unloading docks for light trucks.

Our facilities

Each warehouse has its own staff and is oriented and specialized in a different type of merchandise and clients:

• Warehouse 1: is intended for the storage and distribution of perishable goods with a Sanitary Registry.
• Warehouse 2: is dedicated to customs warehousing.
• Warehouse 3: is equipped for handling and picking of goods imported and their re-dispatch to final distributors, as well as for the container reception/load for export and international transit.

These ships are fully equipped with fire sprinklers with 30 spray points in each one of them and connected to a tank independent of the general supply; network of BIES (Equipped Fire Hydrants) and fire extinguishers distributed according to the plan provided by our prevention company and duly certified by the competent bodies.

We operate with maximum security in our facilities, which we understand is necessary to guarantee the trust of our clients with a perimeter area of the warehouse protected and delimited with a sliding access door and video cameras with a central perimeter, continuous recording or by signal of the motion sensors, Infrared lighting and 24-hour installation surveillance.

In addition, we have elements for the handling of goods that ensure that they are carried out in an optimal time and safely. We have forklifts up to 5000 kg, electric loading / unloading docks, conveyor belts ideal for transshipment, loading and unloading of bagged goods. From these warehouses, trucks with groupage and full loads are consolidated on a daily basis for all of Spain, including the Balearic Islands. We also carry out weekly container shipments to the Canary Islands.

In the rest of the warehouses we load and unload goods of up to 12 tons, which require special equipment, forklifts and specific tools for the handling of merchandise of greater complexity with special measures and weights.

Our Solutions
Warehouses across Spain
We have several warehouses in the main logistics centers of the peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands that allow us to achieve the efficiency and effectiveness our clients require to store their merchandise.
Customs warehouse

We have the customs warehouse authorization granted by the Valencia Customs Office.

Multipurpose warehouse

We have the certificate of multipurpose warehouse suitable for non-refrigerated food issued
by the Conselleria de Sanitat de la Generalitat Valenciana.

Our Advantages

We also manage all the documentation for both reception and dispatch, carrying out customs procedures such as customs clearance or European certificates of origin or cargo certificates (EUR-1).

We carry out and service the inspection and coding of container loads through authorized companies such as SGS and COTECNA at the request of our clients.

GRUPO MONLLOR, one of its companies certified as AEO – Authorized Economic Operator – by Valencia customs, has the following customs regimes:

  • Customs Warehouse (DA).
  • Different Customs Warehouse (DDA).
  • Local Authorized for Export Goods (LAME).

We have warehouses authorized by the Ministry of Health for the storage of food products that do not need cold for human consumption such as nuts, legumes and coffee, among others.

We have facilities for an ecological warehouse certified by the CAECM (Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community), guaranteeing compliance with the ecological production regulations for the storage of processed products with the description of ecological.