Tanker transport company

Leader in dry bulk cargo

Tanker transport company

We are a leading transport company in dry bulk cargo services and chemical products. We offer specialized solutions with our fleet of road tankers, equipped and prepared for dusty loads.

We prioritize safety and reliability, guaranteeing that our trucks meet the most demanding standards, having different sizes to adapt to the needs of each load.

Grupo Monllor, with more than 100 years of experience in this sector, is distinguished by its professionalism and excellence in the transport service. Our highly trained and experienced team offers efficient logistics solutions.
We strive to maintain high-quality standards at every stage of the tanker transportation process, from loading to delivery. We work diligently to ensure that products are handled with the utmost care and safety, complying with all relevant rules and regulations.

Our reputation as a transport company is based on the satisfaction of our customers and our ability to meet agreed deadlines.

Our Soluctions

Transport of dry bulk

We have a varied fleet of road tankers, making us leaders in the transport of dry bulk.

Powdery loads

We have road tankers equipped and prepared for the transport of chemical products.

Safety and reliability

All our road tankers offer reliability and guarantee the safety of the transported products.


Road tankers are large vehicles that are used, especially, for the transport of liquid or gaseous products.

Road tankers are large vehicles that are used, especially, for the transport of liquid or gaseous products.
  • They have a cargo tank: it is isolated, to prevent the merchandise from being contaminated during the journey.Their dimensions can vary, from small sizes to large dimensions.
  • They have several compartments which allow different goods to be transported at the same time.
  • They are built with various materials: depending on the load being transported: food, refrigerated goods or hazardous material.

Road tankers are classified according to the material they transport:

  1. Liquid Road tankers: they are responsible for the transport of liquids, such as drinks, water, oil or fuel.
  2. Gas road tankers: intended to transport gaseous materials, such as oil, nitrogen, and argon.
  3. Powder road tankers: they are in charge of transporting powdered products: stone powder, cement, and flour.
  4. Granular road tankers: they transport grains, salt, sugar… all kinds of granular materials.
  5. Special tank wagons: this typology covers fire trucks or suction trucks, among others.
  • The large road tankers have a load capacity ranging from 28,000 liters to 45,000 liters.
  • On the other hand, the smallest trucks have a load capacity ranging from 5,000 liters to 10,000 liters.