Container transport by land:


Container transport Valencia

For our container transport service, between the Port of Valencia and any destination, we have containers of various formats, which allows us to solve any need that our clients demand

Our Solutions


In the transport of construction materials, we have trucks with dry containers, one of the most used in the market.

Bulky Loads

Through our Open Top containers, we can correctly transport the most voluminous loads, since they are open at the top and allow the merchandise to stand out.

Fragile goods

Also, you can count on our company in the land transport of fragile goods where the container that best adapts is the Flat Rack. Its upper part and the sides are removable and it is also widely used in merchandise with unusual measures.

Frequent questions

A container is a cargo container, made mainly of steel, whose main objective is to protect the transported merchandise from external causes. They are mainly used in the transport of very heavy materials.

  •  They guarantee the safety of the transported goods.
  •  Its use is cheaper than if it is transported in bulk.
  •  It is suitable for all types of objects and materials.
  •  They are ecological, since they are used as modular buildings once their useful life is over.

The main containers used in land transport are:

  • Dry container.
  • Open Side.
  • Refrigerated container.
  • FlatRack.
  • Open Top.
  • Tank Container.

When transporting containers by road, we will choose the container that best suits the cargo transported and for this, we will always take into account its measurements, its volume and its particular characteristics.


In this way, the merchandise will be very safe and protected throughout the journey.