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Types of road freight transport

In the world of goods, not all transport is worth it. When we undertake long trips to take each gender to its destination, we must take into account a series of factors that tell us what types of freight transport is the most appropriate by road.

From Grupo Monllor, we offer you the possibility of finding the medium that best suits your circumstances, that is why we should classify them by categories.

According to the characteristics of the goods transported on the road, one type of truck or another is used.
Trucks requiring refrigeration:

These are those vehicles used to transport food. Among them we find:

  • Isothermal trucks:

This type of truck has insulating walls that control the outside and inside temperature.

  • Refrigerated trucks:

They are vehicles adapted to keep the cold inside the vehicle, by means of its own cooling instrument it achieves the temperature drop inside the vehicle.

  • Refrigerated trucks:

They are those that do not freeze normally, but keep the cold since they consist of an insulator located in a compartment a new environment is established.

  • Box or closed container trucks:

The containers are used to transport household items, packages, perishable products, clothing or non-industrial appliances. They can be identified thanks to their box-like frame.

  • Container or open platform trucks:

It is a vehicle specially designed to distribute heavy goods. Thanks to its removable side rail mechanism, it speeds up the loading and unloading process, as well as keeping it more protected.

Therefore, the available space is continuous and offers the possibility of including greater tonnage. They are essential to transport any heavy load.

  • Tanker or tank trucks:

We use this type of truck to transport powders.

  • Canvas trucks:

This type of vehicle is the most demanded and therefore the most used on the road. The canvas, whose location varies according to need, is very useful for loading difficult-to-install merchandise.

Commercial cargo is the one that most takes advantage of the advantages of this type of transport since it is not only comfortable to handle, but also offers cargo security.